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Major of Translation and Interpreting
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 Major of Translation and Interpreting 
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    The major of Translation and Interpreting is a key discipline in our university and was approved to be enrolled in “Outstanding Talents Training Plan” by our university, which trains outstanding talents in interpreting. In order to meet the demands of the socialist marketing economy, the undergraduate program is devoted to training applied talents in Translation and Interpreting with an all-round ability, aiming to equip our graduates with a solid foundation in both English and Chinese languages, a wide range of encyclopedic knowledge, a high cross-culture communicative competence, a strong logical thinking ability and good professional ethics. Our graduates are also supposed to learn Chinese and foreign cultures, be familiar with basic translation theories, master the skills of translating for various styles and Consecutive Interpreting, use translation tools, as well as understand the operation process of translation and its related industries. Together with independent thinking, strong working ability, and good communication skills, our graduates are competent to translate all types of practical texts in organizations or departments, and scientific articles, to conduct consecutiveinterpreting, and to engage in foreign communications.

    In order to deepen education reform, and train interpreting-oriented graduates to meet the demands of the local development and the construction of Zhengzhou AirportComprehensive Economic Experimental Zone, it fostered a special class dedicated to the training of high-caliber interpreters, which was enrolled in the “Outstanding Talents Training Project” in our university. All the staff, with the degree of Master or PhD, graduated from the well-known universities such as Oxford, the University of Nottingham, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University and so forth. Students will be offered great opportunities of internship in Zhengzhou, Xian and Wuhan or some other places.

     Major courses include Translation Theory and Practice, ConsecutiveInterpreting, Translation of Practical Texts, Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting, Contrast and Translation between English and Chinese, Literature Translation Appreciation, and Translation Practice.

     Students enrolled in this 4-year undergraduate program will be awarded Bachelor’s Degree of Arts.


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